SMART & GREEN City Slovakia - Projects SK

We bring to Slovakia the construction of SMART & GREEN City Slovakia – Smart City Neighbourhoods.
After the construction is completed and put into operation, SMART & GREEN City Slovakia
offers comfortable living with a wide range of choice of apartments, shops and services,
fitness centres, pre-school and school facilities, as well as space for offices and work.

SMART & GREEN City – Thurzove sady , Bytča

SMART & GREEN City - Thurzove sady , Bytča This modern urban district is located in Bytča with direct connection to D1. It is 15 km away from the regional town of Žilina. This urban district will provide 700 apartments, shops cafes and a kindergarten. On 1.10.2017 we concluded project management agreements with the land owner and started engineering activities. On 31.7.2018 the Zoning Permit for the entire site was issued. On 7.6.2019 the Building Permit for the construction of the first building objects was issued. After the Building Permit has been issued and has become final, we are proceeding with the implementation of the project for the investor .

SMART & GREEN City – Párovské lúky, Nitra

We are building a brand new urban district on an area of 24 hectares near the R1, directly under the Zobor River in Nitra. SMART & GREEN City - Párovské lúky. This modern urban district will carry the elements of SMART & GREEN, which in practice means using elements of the sharing economy and incorporating the maximum amount of greenery into urban-style living. The comfort of living will be further ensured by a superior range of amenities. The use of solar cars and electric bicycles to move around for shopping or sport in this urban area will allow us to eliminate the movement of cars in the area, which will increase the safety and cleanliness of the environment in which you will live and where your children will play.
will be ready from I/2023

SMART & GREEN City – Bratislava

In cooperation with land owners, we are preparing the construction of SMART & GREEN City - Bratislava. On an area of 50 hectares, a modern urban district will grow, which will include a wide selection of apartments, kindergartens, primary nine-year schools, leisure centers, shopping centers business centers and sports facilities. It will also include a Polyclinic which will provide standard medical services. By using SMART & GREEN elements, we will add comfort and quality of living to the highest level.