A Smart City is a modernised urban area where everything from transport to energy can be connected to digital technologies that enable a two-way transfer of information between the Smart & Green City manager and its residents and visitors




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The UN estimates that by 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. Each week, 1.5 million people move to a city all over the world. For city managers, this unprecedented growth supported and accompanied by unprecedented technological changes represents many problems, small and large, social and economic, human and technological, logistical and environmental. In developed economies, certain urban districts start to transform into smart urban districts where the comfort of housing is complemented by apps which offer local residents services such as the delivery of food and goods, pick-up of packages and other shared economy tools.

SMART & GREEN City Slovakia
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SMART & GREEN City Slovakia performs the construction of smart urban long-vacant industrial sites on the periphery of cities, but also vacant plots on the outskirts of cities with good access to express roads. The project includes a comprehensive solution from the acquisition of land, preparation of project documentation, construction, to the sale of flats. Upon completion of construction and commissioning, SMART & GREEN City will offer comfortable living with a wide selection of flats. There are also shops, schools and areas for sports and offices. Every project includes a health facility or a clinic. The project includes central management of the smart neighbourhood and building management.


Housing in SMART & GREEN City Slovakia urban districts offers the possibility of housing, work, education, health care, shops and services in one place. Housing in SMART & GREEN City Slovakia urban districts offers the opportunity to get a flat for young people, families with children but also for pensioners. We have monitored the problem of obtaining a mortgage and subsequent repayment for various age groups. That is why we are the first ones in Slovakia to offer the construction of rental flats which we have included in SMART & GREEN CITY projects. Rental flats will be of different sizes and options for final completion, so everyone will have a chance to get a finished rental flat based on their wishes with a fair option to purchase it after the rental


SG Real Client Centre - real estate portal
A real estate portal intended to sell and rent spaces in SMART & GREEN CITY Slovakia. It can be used by real estate agencies and residents of SMART & GREEN City Slovakia.

SG CARD Residential Card - application and information system
The residential card is for SMART & GREEN CITY Slovakia residents who can use it for discounts at our partners and residential services.

SG City Management - application
This app provides central management of SMART & GREEN CITY Slovakia, building administration and public space maintenance.


We will prepare, finance and build SMART & GREEN City smart neighbourhood of the 21st century.
Services and experience of our foreign partners are offered to cities and municipalities, but also to private owners of large areas and spaces. We will estimate the potential of the location, design an architectonic solution, prepare project documentation, deal with engineering activities, select a high-quality constructor, manage the selling and rental of the premises once they are finished. After the sale, we offer high-quality building management with stable service and energy prices. We will help you with necessary funding for the realization of the entire project.

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