SMART & GREEN City Slovakia – Partnership

We will prepare, finance and build a smart neighbourhood of the 21st century
SMART & GREEN City Slovakia offers its services to cities and municipalities and owners of large vacant areas and spaces

Preparation of land

We carefully assess the location, so that it meets all necessary criteria for the construction of a smart SMART & GREEN City Slovakia neighbourhood. In the vicinity of the project, there must be a transport connection to an express way, but also distribution of technical infrastructure, such as electricity, water gas, and sewage drainage from the area. As part of legal analysis, we will evaluate ownership and broader relationships on adjacent plots. We will prepare a draft development study and request preliminary opinions of the managers of infrastructure networks, transport communications and regulatory authorities concerned.

Urbanism and architecture design

We are also consulting the design of the development study with the future participants of the building procedures that will follow. Based on the comments that we receive from them, we will design the most suitable composition of buildings and their functions. Our architects will prepare a high-quality project documentation with modern housing in residential buildings, small home-made grocery shops and drug stores, but also shopping centres, healthcare facilities, kindergartens and an elementary school. To offer you space for work and relaxation, we will also design areas for offices, sports centres and a wellness centre directly in the zone.

Engineering activities

Our engineering activity includes steps related to the issuance of a zoning decision and building permit, but also activities for the issuance of a complementary Building Permit, modifications to the construction before its completion, changes in the purpose of the building, demolition permit, final approval, legal permit, removal from the land resources, settlement of ownership rights. The result of our engineering activities is a rightful Decision on the Placement of a Construction and subsequent building permit which incorporates as much as possible all proposals and comments of participants of these procedures and includes them in the project documentation.

Construction management

In the construction management, we cooperate with partners who have been operating in this field on the Slovak market for more than 20 years. Their long-standing practical experience helps us choose the General Constructor with the best reviews. One of the prerequisites for a successful completion of the construction is a good Works Agreement with the general constructor with necessary financial cover. Digitalized construction management allows us to monitor the time and finance plan at any moment during the construction and to prevent potential extension of the deadline for individual stages with a high probability of sticking to the original budget. Construction management includes the handover of completed buildings to the investor and their preparation for final inspection.

Sale and rental management

Our services include the management of sale and rental of flats and non-residential premises in SMART & GREEN City Slovakia projects. With SMART & GREEN City Slovakia client centre, people interested in purchasing flats and renting non-residential premises get access to our operators who will provide them with all information and they will be happy to direct them to websites and apps where potential customers can look at a specific flat or space and sales services which we offer. For this purpose, our clients can use the web portal . It includes financing offers from all Slovak banks and of course contact information of finance consultants from all over Slovakia who will be happy to help with mortgage.


An offer of complex financial services Is an inseparable part of the projects, starting from the funding of the construction land through the financing of own resources up to project construction funded by private investors or large investment funds from Europe and Asia. We also offer a large portfolio of mortgages, construction and consumer credits for future flat owners from all Slovak banks. We will prepare a good business plan in which you will find all financial flows and it will also serve as a high-quality material for a discussion with the bank. We cooperate with Slovak and foreign financial partners with long-standing experience with financing of large residential and poly-functional projects

Web portals and apps

Our web portals and apps facilitate the access to information and improve communication in individual stages of construction and sale of SMART & GREEN City Slovakia projects. With our web portals and apps, we offer online services to our clients who can purchase a flat, take a mortgage or use residential benefits and discounts from our partners even from abroad. In addition, our websites and apps provide online current information on the status of the project to our investors, contractors and partners.

Building management

SMART & GREEN City Slovakia performs in its projects central operations management and building management in these urban districts. To provide complex services and facilitate access to information for the owners of flats and non-residential premises, we offer the app SG City management . The app contains information on the offer of building management services, but also the possibility to create a user account in which you can always check the energy consumed in your flat over a certain period of time and the current balance in the repair and maintenance fund. Our app offers servicing for small repairs in households, as well as 24-hour servicing for emergency situations. Building management includes the cleaning of common and outdoor areas and maintenance of lawns and greenery.

Partnership agreement

SMART & GREEN City Slovakia offers its services and solutions to cities, municipalities and owners of large unused areas and plots. A Partnership Agreement contains an offer for all of the above-mentioned services under fixed agreed conditions which do not change during the project realization. The agreement includes an exclusivity close, so that the SMART & GREEN City Slovakia project is built to its entire proposed extent with all features and based on the approved project documentation. Our Partnership Agreement offers land owners reimbursement of costs for the purchase of land and the possibility to stay in the project as an investor.