SMART & GREEN City Slovakia – smart neighbourhoods

The construction of SMART & GREEN City Slovakia – smart city neighbourhoods, includes a comprehensive project solution from the acquisition of land, the design of the development study, the preparation of project documentation and the construction to the sale and lease of flats and non-residential premises, as well as the management of the buildings. Upon completion of construction and commissioning, SMART & GREEN City Slovakia offers comfortable housing with a large selection of flats, shops and services, fitness and relax centres, pre-school facilities and schools and space for offices and work.


In each SMART & GREEN City Slovakia project, we offer a wide range of flats from small to large duplex flats. Housing in SMART & GREEN City Slovakia urban districts offers the opportunity to get a flat for young people, families with children but also for pensioners. There are several variants of final finishing for each flat. Apart from regular standard, the future owner or tenant can order above-standard finishing based on their wishes. We offer all standard financing options for the purchase of a flat. If you are not eligible for a mortgage, we will offer you rental housing with the possibility of fair purchase of the flat after the rental agreement expires.


Shopping is a part of our everyday life, that’s why SMART & GREEN City Slovakia projects care about above-standard location of shops to make shopping for food, cosmetics and daily use items as comfortable as possible. However, we will also find here modern shopping centres with fashion shops and a large variety of other shops. Your favourite shop, shopping centre or delivery pick-up box SMART & GREEN City Slovakia will always be within walking distance from your home. If your shopping is too heavy, you can use an electric bike with a shopping basket or a solar car that will serve the residents of SMART & GREEN City Slovakia also for this purpose.

Cafés and restaurants

Talking to friends over coffee or a romantic dinner with your partner? All this is accessible within easy reach. SMART & GREEN City Slovakia offers in its projects a large spectrum of restaurants serving local and international meals, cafés and day bars, but also night bars and music clubs. If you like fast food, you can grab a bite at global chain restaurants in the shopping centre or use the drive-through. If you want to enjoy romantic atmosphere at home, restaurants will be happy to deliver your favourite meals to your doorstep.


Healthy lifestyle is a precondition for good health and a guarantee of a fulfilling life. For this reason, we are building sports and relax centres in SMART & GREEN Slovakia with as many possibilities as possible for all age groups. Our multifunctional sports centres will welcome body builders, fitness enthusiasts, but also fans of team activities like zumba or yoga. Fans of indoor sports can play matches in a sports arena which will be a part of the elementary school and open to the residents of SMART & GREEN City Slovakia. The youngest residents of our neighbourhood can improve their sports skills in sports teams in a leisure centre next to the primary school.


In SMART & GREEN City Slovakia projects, we build office areas with complex amenities, but also co-working centres and shared office spaces. Such spaces are interesting for foreign scientific and tech parks, IT developers, software specialists and innovation centres. Given the fact that SMART & GREEN Slovakia projects provide housing, shopping and education in one place, they are an excellent place for our partners’ headquarters, which automatically creates new jobs in our projects for which SMART & GREEN Slovakia residents can apply. More jobs will be created in shops and services located in our projects.


In today’s fast-moving times, time is the most precious commodity. Any mother or father will definitely appreciate not having to spend a few hours in the car every day to take their kids to school and to their free time activities, trainings or language classes. For this reason, we place the complete structure of education and care for children and youth in the SMART & GREEN City Slovakia projects. Each project will include a kindergarten, primary school, European language school and a leisure centre where children can choose from a large variety of clubs and activities. The capacity of kindergartens and elementary schools will be adapted to the size of the project and the estimated number of children that would use these facilities.


Healthcare provision includes various health procedures. For example: prevention, regular check-ups, diagnostics, treatment and nursing. We would like to provide SMART & GREEN City Slovakia residents with access to at least the basic services by building a clinic in each project that will provide basic, but also specialized and cosmetic treatment. This will include several pharmacies, one with non-stop opening hours.

Green urban neighbourhood

In the construction of SMART & GREEN City Slovakia neighbourhoods, one of the priorities is an above-standard arrangement of greenery and planting of ornamental and utility trees. Such a large variety of different types of plants, conifers and deciduous trees creates a feeling of being in touch with nature in everyday life. Intensive and extensive green roofs, green vertical walls, large grassy areas and mature trees all prevent the neighbourhood from overheating and the soil from drying out in the summer. Water-retention measures such as rain retention basins and small ponds ensure sufficient water for the surrounding greenery and pleasant fresh air. Similarly, the river bank, adapted for sports and leisure activities, is lined with trees that create a cooling shade during the summer.


The large portfolio of services that we will provide to SMART & GREEN City Slovakia residents will include apps that will offer an opportunity to share solar cars, electric bikes, scooters, books and tools. The SG Card app will provide SMART & GREEN City Slovakia residents with an opportunity to share solar cars, electric bikes, scooters, books and tools. It will also include a high number of discounts for goods and services from our partners. You can use our real estate portal SG Real to sell or rent a flat, which will unite ca. 10,000 real estate agents all over Slovakia. Building management and central management of the smart neighbourhood will be done by the SG City management app. In this app, each owner and tenant will have their own account where they can monitor for example their energy consumption, invoice due dates or notifications from the building management.